Tuesday, February 27


Saturday, February 24

I visited the Trevi Fountain at night...

...and something strange was afoot.

Friday, February 23

I (accidentally) found an important Roman monument covered in controversy!

I was confused by the Spanish Steps.

...and by this purse.

Friday, February 16

Tourists like this demonstrate how stereotypes are born.

Wednesday, February 14

The (non-nude) streaking video from Carnevale was accidentally deleted by my friend. I apologize.

Saturday, February 10

We saw a Fire Dancer at Carnevale! And a crazy girl in a cape.

This is a parade that I happened upon at Carnevale!

Friday, February 9

This is where we stayed in Venice.

Tuesday, February 6

McDonald's sale days are the best.

Sunday, February 4

The bathrooms in Rome's restaurants are so nice!

Thursday, February 1

I discovered Donald Trump's private island in the middle of the Tiber.